Monday, 19 December 2011

Back For Business ;)

Hi dearies!!! Oh how i missed this blogshop..and of coz i missed u girls 2 ngeee ;) i've received few emails asking when is the new upload? Why haven't i uploaded anything since October? Unfortunately, i lost my lappy when i was on a work trip to Kuantan few weeks ago. How did i lost it?? Long story laa..maybe bukan rezeki i..but seriously, u can't trust anybody these days..bahaya ;( 

Well, there's no point crying over spilt milk so i've got myself a new lappy weeeee ;) That means there will be sum uploads soon but i can't give an exact date coz i need to be in Kuantan again tomorrow so hopefully i'd be able to finish up my preloved items this weekend. I have long skirts, maxi dress, cute tops and many more 2 let go huhu ;) 

Oh i would really like to thank u girls so much 4 the emails and inquiries, i really appreciate them ol. Til then, lots of luv mwaaah!!!

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