Saturday, 14 May 2011

Cropped Jacket

Cropped Jacket

ruffled sleeves (pic taken with flash)

open front - no button (pic taken with flash)

**sold to Miss Nurul Nalis**

Code: MA022
Size: Free size (green tank top not included)
Colour: Navy Blue. 
FYI: Tip top condition. Never worn except for trying purpose. There's some silver dust effect on second & third pic because they were taken with flash. The actual colour for this jacket is navy blue, like the police uniform.
Reason to let go: Impulse purchase. It's been kept in my closet because i don't know how to work it haha :p maybe it would look good on somebody else ;)
Bought at: RM30.00
Selling at: RM15.00 (excluding postage) 

P/s: To order, just copy paste manual order form / details requirement provided on the side bar under "How To Order" and send it to ya? Happy Shopping!

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