Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Spaghetti Flower Dress

Spaghetti Flower Dress

pic taken with flash

cream embroidery on bust

cream embroidery on bottom

adjustable strap

*sold to Miss Filzah*

Code: MA020
Size: Free size, Length: 25 inches
Colour: Lite brown background with flower pattern
FYI: In good condition. Bought it end of last year. Worn few times. It's a loose fit dress.
Reason to let go: Love it! But i can't be seen with the same dress everywhere thou, need some space for new clothes :) 
Bought at: RM25.00
Selling at: RM10.00 (excluding postage)

P/s: To order, just copy paste manual order form / details requirement provided on the side bar under "How To Order" and send it to aizapreloved@gmail.com ya? Happy Shopping! 


  1. ISHH~! geramnya nak yang ni. comel sangat. huhu >.<

  2. thx nurul! nnti i upload yg lg comel tau ngeee :p

  3. kalau campur dengan postage,total dia berapa yea?
    reply dekat blog wawa yea :)