Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Good news for my beloved dearies! I'm happy to announce all shawls below are yours for FREE! Well, considering that i bought these shawls early last year and i've worn them few times already, i thought of selling each for RM2-3, but that means you would be paying more for postage fee than desired item, rite? Putting myself in your shoes, this doesn't sound good huh? So i decided to let go of the shawls totally FOC! After all, i open this blogshop to avoid myself from being a hoardes not so much for the profit hehe :p To avoid confusion, YES all shawls are free BUT, you have to PAY for the POSTAGE FEE (kindly refer to sidebar for poslaju rates). Not to worry, all shawls are in tip top condition, satisfaction guaranteed. Enjoy ;)

Code: MA069
Colour: Colourful flower
Material: Net

Code: MA070
Colour: Blue, Black
Material: Soft cotton. This shawl has 2 different design (as shown in pic)

Code: MA071
Colour: White with black stripes
Material: Cotton + Polyester

Code: MA072
Colour: Black background with colourful motives
Material: Lycra

Code: MA073
Colour: Colourful stripes
Material: Lycra

Code: MA074
Colour: Pink
Material: Cotton. It has slightly bleached design in dark blue on both ends. Nice ;)

P/s: To order, just copy paste manual order form / details requirement provided on the side bar under "How To Order" and send it to aizapreloved@gmail.com ya? Happy Shopping! 

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