Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Striped Cardigan

*sold to Miss Fiza*

Code: MA063
Size: M-L,(blue tank top not included)
Colour: Grey with blue black stripes
FYI: Tip top condition. Worn once
Reason to let go: Really like the colour and design but unfortunately, it's quite loose on me ;(
Bought at: RM25.00
Selling at: RM12.00 (excluding postage)

P/s: To order, just copy paste manual order form / details requirement provided on the side bar under "How To Order" and send it to aizapreloved@gmail.com ya? Happy Shopping!


  1. dear i nk order MA067 n MA063..huhu i dont know la nk order camne..can u juz msg me at 0107058787..hehehe shawl da xde ke??tqvm =)

  2. Hi Mira! So sory dear MA063 dh ade org bli tp MA067 stil available ;) details sha msg nnti ya? tq ;)

  3. MA058 ade lg x sha..t gtau eh bese..erm sbb kasut bese len2 saiz leh x tlg ukur kai cm..2x kasut cantik la...shawl da xde eh..huhu